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I'm 5'5", with a great smile and sense of humor. A masculine individual, who's sweet, gentle, respectful, and patient(not like JOB, however). I'm a conservative (not Amish) dresser, that's also trendy. I'm seriuos about my work(prof. culinarian), but I can also relax when needed. Those who've gotten to know me call me "Crazy", humorously speaking. I'm a writer of poetic expressions, also a lover of music. From Patsy Cline to Alicia Keys. I'm about understanding, cause I feel the more you understand me, the better you'll be able to love me . And who doesn't want to be loved? As God gives us each day to do with what we will, lets give each other a bit of what we were born with, a little love from the heart. It doesn't have to be an intimate love, just one that says I acknowledge you and someone like me. HUMAN. So if you'd like to begin to understand me, let me know, so we can to start an understanding relationship, and from that day forward we'll watch it grow.

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Age 53 years old 35 - 50 yrs old
Location Decatur,Georgia,United States
Relationship status Single
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Nationality United States
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Religion Methodist
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Profession Food Service

What I'm looking for

Her Essence is pure femininity, as she knows only how to be. Skin of silk, the body from my greatest fantasy. She is petite, and oh so sweet. Her personality is that of kindness, thoughtfulness, and consideration. She caters to me with no hesitation. Reciprocity is my philosophy, understanding that caring for each other, makes a better connection between her and me. She knows where she's going, leaving behind where she's been, she has a passion for her profession, which comes from within. Her sense of humor fits mine, as we intake the medicine of laugter time after time. She is my closest friend, the one I've wanted in my life from it's conception to the moment I will descend. I don't want to meet her, I want to introduce myself to her. Look into her eyes as she says her name, bliss that moment is, cause I'll feel the same.
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